From fathers to sons since 1838, five generations have brought their personal touch to the development of The Lindgrube Farm.


"We're fortunate to have a fascinating and diverse profession that occupies us from the morning to the evening. We're able to take satisfaction in advancing the farm and making sure all work is done well."


"We are constantly striving to improve, offer quality products to our customers, and meet the specifications of an organic farming standard."




Our Farm


Since 1999, the farm has been driven towards organic farming and all products are AB certified (Organic Agriculture) by the independent organisation, Ecocert.


We maintain 67 hectares of meadows and pastures near the farm at an altitude of 350 to 600m.


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Our cows are fed grass, hay and organic cereals. We DO NOT USE ENSILAGE for feeding
any of our animals. We use all of the milk produced from our animals to make a range of quality produce.


We choose to farm the "vosges bovines" cows that are particularly adapted to the difficult conditions of the Vosges Mountains.
We appreciate their rustic character and beauty.


Suzette, Rosalie and their friends love the rich and diverse flora of our mountains and produce milk with a subtle aroma that gives a distinctive taste to our cheese.


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Our Products

Discover our biological dairy products:

- Natural plain or fruit yoghurts

- Natural and flavoured Bargkas (mountain tomme cheese)

- White cheese in the traditional style and with herbs

- Dairy desserts, chocolate or vanilla

- And many other products...


We sell these products during our delivery tours in the valley, at farmers markets and at our small store on the farm.


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Beekeeping is one of our passions. We have around 30 hives that produce excellent honey from a fir tree and a sweet chestnut tree.

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For more than a century, the valley of Villé has been recognized for the production of quality kirsch. Our "Eaux De Vie," Kirsch and Cherry plum, are distilled from our own harvest of fruits on the farm.

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Young, black and very sweet, our Kirch cherries are the best of our soil, coming from an ancient and rustic origin. They are picked when ripened after having grown slowly in our mountains.


Like our forefathers, we distill in wooden fire-flames, bringing a personal touch that contributes to the wealth of real local heritage. Come to enjoy our specialty. We produce bottles of 70cl and 50cl as well as flasks of 20cl that we can send you by parcel. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for more information.

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