Our Organic Products


To make our contribution to the preservation of the planet, we choose to use organic farming methods and renewable energies.


Since 1999, we have adhered to organic production methods in order to offer our customers high quality delicious products while also promoting the well being of our animals and the conservation of the environment. We hope to contribute to the maintenance of natural balance in our lands.




The Production of Green Energy


Since September 2008, we have heated our houses as well as our cottages and chalets using energy produced by a wood-fired boiler, using chopped-wood from our forest.



Chaudière a bois



The wood of our forests is crushed and stored in a silo. It is then automatically pushed to the boiler by means of a chute. A processor controls the influx of air inside the boiler, so as to optimize the quality of the combustion. An underground network of heat pipes brings the warm water to our various buildings. This electronic management ensures an excellent return and simplicity of use, in respect of antipollution standards.




The energy produced also serves to warm our cheese maker by a system of heat pipes.


Advantages of this installation:

  • Valuation of the by-products of tree cuttings (branches, dead trees or of lesser value)
  • Automatic supply
  • The performance can be as high as 90%, equalling that of traditional fuel boilers. Note that the combustion of wood merely releases the carbon dioxide that has been absorbed during its growth. Its impact is therefore neutral on the greenhouse effect unlike the fuel or gas.


To learn more about the system:



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